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Your coaches can deliver a rally cry!

High profile coaches have a huge responsibility on campus today, even with no one around. They have incredible cache and can help give your students a pep talk. Here is a script your coaches can use to record a simple message that can be given to student affairs to send out. It can also be posted on your site and via social. Your coach looks great, the athletic department impacts student retention and the students get an even greater affinity for the coach and team. Everyone wins!


Hey everyone – It’s (name)…Like you, I’m following CDC guidelines and staying safe at home. It’s definitely weird. We’re living in a new reality…a time that will become part of world history.

I’ve been talking a lot to my team about this and how important it is for all of us to take care of business…and by that I mean class and school work.

Your instructors are working very hard to change the way they teach mid-semester, and you will benefit from their work. But it’s on you to take your job as a student seriously. Fully engage, be active, help your classmates and let your teachers know if things don’t make sense. I know how hard it would be for me to coach without being in front of our players…Help your professors the best you can!

(Name of School) is a great place. And while we can’t be physically together right now…let’s all do our best to make sure we take full advantage of our learning opportunities and stay engaged.

We definitely miss you on campus. But together we will come through this!

Go (Nickname)

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