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Jack Gohlke Deserves Some NIL $

The first day of March Madness is the books. And, unless you are a Kentucky fan, the biggest story was the Oakland Bears and Jack Gohlke hitting 10 3s!  It was so entertaining to watch as we all became diehard Oakland fans sweating it out and cheering like we went there ourselves!

What struck me every time Jack hit another 3 and Steve Lappas explained how it was going to get harder and harder for Kentucky as the minutes drained down, the more fun it was for us! The magic of March Madness!

As all of this is going on, we are seeing true NIL opportunities showing up on the TV commercials. From Elliott Cado leading the UNC band for Bonvoy, Caitlin Clark singing “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there”, JuJu Watkins for AT&T, Armando Bacot smartly using TurboTax to manage his money to name a few, this true form of what NIL was supposed to be was visible.

But what about the new stars like Jack and his shining star ? How does he benefit?

How can we say “thank you” for the smile he brought I, for one, definitely woke up a bit sunnier just thinking about his magic of yesterday and looking forward to Oakland’s game tomorrow.

I pay $12 for a few hours at the movies. I’d be open to paying Jack for the thrilling couple of hours he provided. If enough of us did so, at the least Jack could take his teammates out for a great post-season dinner!

Go Fund Me and Venmo, how do we make this happen?


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