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The changing landscape of college athletics means the “same old, same old” way of doing things can no longer exist.  This is your opportunity.

Front Porch Athletics will empower you to reach maximum potential, drive increased visibility, engage a a diverse set of audiences and allow you to generate increased revenue with a high ROI.

Our Modern Marketing Mix Drives Revenue

What We'll Deliver

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The Front Porch Athletics Road Map 

► Audit and evaluation of current external affairs activities

► SWOT analysis of the external affairs department 

Goal setting and strategic planning sessions

► Establishing proper success metrics

► Development of customized "surround sound" marketing campaign

► Implementation and integration

► Data analysis

► Staff development

► Status meetings

► Ongoing relationships with Athletic Director and senior leadership 


What You Can Expect Working With Us

We Can't Wait to Meet You!

Contact us to schedule a free consultation, and we'll discuss how Front Porch Athletics can help take your Athletic Department to the next level!

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