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Our NEW Normal Requires Marketing Shift

While college athletics administrators are dealing with a variety of operational issues and concerns, now is also the time to re-imagine how your marketing (external relations) can drive revenue while being more visible, impactful and relevant than ever before. The “same old, same old” way of doing things likely can no longer exist. Let's view that as an opportunity.

Here are some things to think about on the marketing side:

  • During a crisis, the best business leaders focus their marketing group on developing the right message and story, defining and refining target audience(s), driving traffic into the marketing funnel and turning leads into desired outcomes. Marketing efforts – whether it be actual budget allocation or hours – have to be properly defined.

  • Your team has to become true marketers, integral pieces in the success of the athletic department with a responsibility to positively impact student enrollment and retention.

  • Get more creative with the tools you already have. Your newsletters, social media, promotions, digital advertising and streaming broadcasts will have to work even harder as marketing channels.

  • Challenge the status quo and leverage consultants with expertise outside of your day-to-day views.

  • Those who invest in marketing during downturns can bounce back quicker and stronger. During the Great Recession, Domino’s revamped its recipe, advertised heavily and increased market share in 2009 which was the same year Netflix gained 3 million members. That year, Walmart effectively targeted the middle and upper classes with its “Save Money. Live Better” campaign.

  • Your focus should be on video.

  • Spend 18 minutes watching Simon Sinek’s famous TED Talk. As a leader, your “why” is critically important to the way your department engages with your various constituents.

You have built-in passionate audiences and are at the center of your campus. You have invaluable name recognition with thousands wearing your logo with pride. You are blessed with an unending number of stories to tell.

Let's put all of this to work more effectively than ever before.


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