“Athletics is to the university like the front porch is to a home. It is the most visible part, yet certainly not the most important.”

Dean Smith 

Front Porch Athletics

The joy of working in college athletics external affairs should be incredible. 

Yet that enjoyment is often hindered by the pressure to satisfy the needs of so many different constituents - public, current and future students, faculty, staff, alumni and others.

Front Porch Athletics was created by college athletics veterans who have had successful marketing careers in the "outside" world.  The time has come to bring those learnings back home.  

Front Porch Athletics will call upon our experience to assist athletic directors:

  • Set the marketing group's goals & objectives

  • Develop a marketing plan

  • Maximize budgets

  • Fully integrate the staff

  • Grow staff capabilities

  • Leverage various platforms to tell THE story

  • Maximize broadcasts to grow engagement

  • Benefit from modern marketing mix

  • Improve the department's status within the hierarchy of the school.

© 2019 Front Porch Athletics an Imagine Productions/Hilltop Management Company partnership

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